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Termite Inspections Long Island

Virtually every home and structure on Long Island is susceptible to termite infestation, and early detection is very important to prevent wide scale damage and expensive repairs. Professional termite inspections also help identify conditions that make a structure more inviting to termites (and other pests) so they can be corrected to minimize the risk of attack. 

termite damage to finished wood wall



Termite damage on a finished wall inside a home. Notice the tunnel like appearance of the damage and the earthy termite shelter tubes.

What is a Professional Termite Inspection?

A professional termite inspection is also referred to as a "WDI Inspection" or "Wood Destroying Insect Inspection." The formal WDI inspection report required is called an NPMA-33 Report. In New York State, NPMA-33 reports must be completed and signed by an individual who is certified by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) in Category 7C - Termites.

The majority of WDI inspections are conducted as part of real estate transactions, and there are a few reasons for this:

  • A home buyer wants to know if there is evidence of termites or termite damage in the structure.

  • A professional inspection for WDI is typically required by most lenders, such as FHA, VA, and HUD, to secure a mortgage or refinance a home. 

  • The seller want to make sure their home doesn’t have termites before they put it on the market.

Why Choose Paramount for a Termite Inspection?

We are certified and trained to perform WDI inspections in New York State. We typically prepare our reports the same day our inspection is completed to keep the mortgage/refinancing process moving. If evidence of termites is identified during our inspection, we have the resources to quickly and effectively treat the property to help avoid a delay in closing. We also include re-treatment warranties on all of our termite work so you can rest assured that if termites come back, SO WILL WE. 

Don’t take a chance on overlooking a termite infestation! If you’re purchasing a home, you definitely want to know before you commit. To determine whether your home, or one you are interested in buying, has termites, schedule a termite inspection with a certified pest control company (LIKE US) in addition to your regular home inspection.




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