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Property Managers on Long Island

Paramount Pest Management has built many long-term relationships with property owners and property managers in New York City, Queens, and on Long Island. We enjoy these relationships by custom tailoring cost-effective pest management plans for our clients that creates and maintains a healthier building environment.




Why Property Managers on Long Island Choose Paramount

  • Flexible Scheduling:  Some properties need special attention and we have the resources to meet any service schedule as promised. To account for varying tenant schedules, we render services on weekends and evenings.

  • In Depth Service Reports:  We provide detailed inspection reports via email after every service showing the areas and apartments that were inspected and treated, along with our observations and recommendations.

  • Bed Bug Inspections and Treatments:  We have the knowledge and expertise to solve any bed bug problem and we also carry a full line of bed bug prevention and monitoring products. Detailed inspection reports are included with every service and we also create building wide progress reports. For more information about our bed bug services, click here.

  • Rodent Baiting Programs:  Tamper resistant rodent bait stations are proven to increase bait consumption by rodents and are a must for safe, effective rodent control.

  • Violation Removal:  We have a great deal of experience correcting pest related violations issued by any of the New York City agencies, especially for rodents and bed bugs. 

  • Trash Chute Cleaning and Treatments:  Neglected trash chutes can cause a host of problems including unpleasant odors, fire hazards, insects, rodents, and unhappy tenants.


Tamper-resistant rodent bait station with a concrete block inside for weighted security.


Bed bug inspections & treatment with guaranteed results!

Call us for a pest assessment today > 516-362-2005

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