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Pest Solutions for Long Island

Pests can be scary and no one wants to see insects or rodents in their home or business. What's even more concerning is that pests are known to carry and spread disease, inflict physical pain, cause damage, and stress us out in a world where we have enough going on. That’s where we come in.

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We use a common sense approach to pest control that will give you peace of mind knowing that your home, building or business is protected from invasive, and sometimes, dangerous pests. Our environmentally responsible and proactive approach relies on thorough inspections, the identification and correction of conditions conducive to pests, monitoring for pest activity, and precise, targeted treatments only where and when necessary. 

From occasional pest problems to the most severe infestations, Paramount Pest Management has the knowledge and experience to get the job done safely and effectively. We pride ourselves on creating and implementing sustainable pest solutions for our clients on Long Island, NYC, Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens.

What's Bugging You Today?

Carpenter ant on wood chips | pest control | long island

Carpenter, odorous, & pavement ants are most common on Long Island.

Bald faced hornet resting on a green leaf | pest control | long island

Hornets are larger than wasps and their nests are often well hidden.

blacklegged-female-tick-on-human-skin | pest control | long island

Tick bites can cause painful allergic reactions & spread diseases.

Two bed bugs on human skin | pest control | long island

Hard to find and hard to kill, bed bug elimination is best left to professionals.

Asian tiger mosquito feeding on human skin | pest control | long island

Considered by many to be the most dangerous animal on the planet.

European paper wasp (Polistes gallicus)

Yellow Jackets can be deadly for people who are allergic to their stings.

Camel cricket on basement floor | pest control | long island

These scary buggers love humid basements & eat rodent droppings.

Mouse on wood shelf hiding behind paint can | pest control | long island

Mice & rats spread disease. Trap inside & bait outside!  

Cockroach nesting in cardboard | pest control | long island

Roaches can cause asthma and contaminate food. 

Termites foraging in soil | pest control | long island

Termites damage homes and most, if not all, the damage is hidden.



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