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Multi-Unit Pest Control Long Island

We develop and maintain cost-effective pest control programs for multi-unit buildings in New York City, Queens, and on Long Island. We begin with an inspection of the property to gather the information we need to create a pest management program that is specifically designed for meet your needs and fit your budget. 




Why Choose Paramount for Multi-Unit Building Pest Control?

We understand that the constant flow of people, goods, trash, supplies, and a multitude of hiding places makes an apartment building a major pest challenge. In addition, effective pest management in multi-unit buildings is also challenging due to varying tenant schedules, apartment turnover, and the presence of trash chutes. At Paramount, we look at these challenges objectively and custom tailor sustainable pest management programs for our clients who own or manage multi-unit properties.

A critical component of a successful pest management plan is to keep open channels of communication between the pest management company and the client. We are not magicians and pest problems in apartment buildings will not go away through the application of materials alone. A concerted effort on all of our parts is essential for any pest program to work effectively and anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something that will not work.

Most of our clients enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive service contract because it offers more in terms of flexibility, response times, measurable results, and fixed budgeting. This is an integral part of our business and the relationships we have built are grounded in trust and accountability.

Want a Professional Pest Audit of your Building?

In addition to providing an exceptional pest control service experience for multi-unit properties, we also conduct building-wide pest audits to make sure that your property is receiving the care and control it demands. Pest auditing is a distinct niche we have developed over the years, and it is rooted in honesty and dedication, both to our clients and our industry.

Are you a Landlord or Property Manager?  If so, learn more about our services HERE.

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