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Smarter Pest Control is Paramount!

Save $50 on Long Island Home Pest Protection!

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What is Smarter Pest Control?

Our commitment to smarter pest control is based on the core principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a more sophisticated and scientific approach than that of your ordinary "exterminator."  Our brand of pest control focuses on long-term solutions for our clients using the least amount of pesticide possible. Therefore, this effective method limits pesticide exposure, and eases the burden on our environment by minimizing the risks associated with the arbitrary (and often unwarranted) application of pesticides.

Our environmentally responsible and proactive approach relies on:​

  • Thorough inspections inside and out

  • The identification and correction of conditions conducive to pests

  • Monitoring for pest activity so we can focus our efforts on problem areas

  • Precise and effective treatments only when and where necessary​



Pest Control Long Island

We create and implement sustainable pest control plans for residential and commercial clients in Nassau and western Suffolk Counties of Long Island, NYC, and Queens.

paramount pest protection for your home
paramount commercial pest protection
paramount general pest control

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From occasional pest problems to the most severe infestations, Paramount Pest Management has the knowledge and experience to get the job done safely, quickly, and effectively. 

Carpenter, odorous, & pavement ants are most common on Long Island.

Hornets are larger than wasps and their nests are often well hidden.

Rats can also spread disease and cause serious damage. 

Termites damage homes and most, if not all, the damage is hidden.

Hard to find, bed bug elimination is best left to professionals.

Mice cause damage and can spread disease. Keep them outside!  

Roaches breed fast, can cause asthma, and contaminate food. 

Tick bites can cause painful allergic reactions & spread diseases.

These scary buggers love humid basements & eat rodent droppings.

Considered by many to be the most dangerous animal on the planet.

Termites damage homes and most, if not all, the damage is hidden.

Yellow Jackets can be deadly for people who are allergic to their stings.

Call us today for more information > 516-362-2005

Customer Satisfaction is Everything!

Read some testimonials below about smarter pest control for Long Island from real people with fake pictures!

review of paramount from professional woman

Charlotte B, Port Washington NY

"Paramount is reliable, professional and most importantly controls pests! Very user friendly so I can be home for the appointments or not, depending on the circumstance. Thanks Paramount!"
review of paramount from professional young man

Steven F, Merrick NY

"I called Paramount Pest Management when I had an infestation of wasps in my house. They came, took care of the issue and the wasps never came back!!! They used a state of the art chemical procedure that the "other exterminators" didn't use."
review of paramount by professional-african-american-woman-with-arms-crossed
Kerri C, Sea Cliff NY
"The Paramount team always takes the time to figure out the real problem. They don’t take the easy way out or charge you for unnecessary services. They respond quickly and always give a fair price!"

Schedule your pest evaluation today!  516-362-2005

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